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Empires and Tribes Demo

Medieval realtime strategy in first-person view. · By empiresandtribes


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Demo Version 0.6
And here it is, the devlog of 0.6. Have fun playing! 3D Replaced and optimized all unit models Added tower archers Added catapult Added trebuchet Added pries...
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Demo Version 0.5
Dear community, Empires and Tribes 0.5 is online now. We've updated the whole characters and their animation sets, added two tutorials (one of them features com...
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Demo Version 0.4
Dear Community, we have been busy the last days to present you the Empires and Tribes version 0.4 with the new terrain system. Even though the pictures of our t...
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Demo Version 0.35
3D -Added new building models for the dwellings -Terrain Engine updated: new textures, foliage shader optimization, day night cycle improved -Improved Lighting...
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Demo Version 0.3
ChangeLog: ENGINE Added destruction and fire animations for (almost) all buildings Added return of resources for destroyed buildings Performance improvements: a...
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Demo Version 0.2
ChangeLog: ENGINE Custom banners and player colors added Windows: Wall building, street and wall destroying now available for every DirectX version Streets: tra...
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