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Empires and Tribes is launching into Early Access on Steam on 1st of May 2020.


We will make sure that we will soon be able to offer a version with the full features here at itch.io, too. In the meantime you can download the demo here.

Empires and Tribes is a medieval real-time strategy game being played in first person view. Thus you are encouraged to quit the passive bird-eye view, which is common in strategy games, and to become an active part of the world you create. It is your duty to ensure the survival of your people, to extend the settlement, to fund research and to establish a strong military to defend yourself against rivaling kingdoms. Assign workers to gather resources, hunt deer, forge tools and weapons or to construct new buildings. Take charge yourself and help chopping trees, weaving clothes, baking bread,… whatever needs to be done in your village. Satisfy your inhabitants needs and unlock new buildings like the copper forge, the bow maker, the monastery, the stables,… and watch your village turning into the economic and cultural centre of the region, maybe even hitting the size of an imperial city. 

Participate in city council politics and engage with the other council members on issues such as the height of the ecclesiastical tithe, decide together with the local priest if you want to accept more mendicant monks in the city and if you want to stop the sale of indulgences, and pay attention to the mood of your residents in the city if you want to consolidate your rule in the long run and not fall victim to the next peasant uprising.

Take advantage of your economic power, start the construction of a keep, train soldiers, archers and siege weapons to protect your country from hostile kingdoms, or bring them to their knees militarily.

Features like the saving function and the story line are not included in this Demo version. As we're still in development we would be more than happy about feedback, improvement suggestions, bug reports and more! You can help us creating the game you always wanted. Just have a look at the discussion board.

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