Demo Version 0.6

And here it is, the devlog of 0.6. Have fun playing! 


Replaced and optimized all unit models 

Added tower archers

Added catapult

Added trebuchet

Added priest and monks

Added bandits

Added thief

Added maraudeurs

Added revolt

Added buckets

Added torches


Added the AI

Added different AI types

Added siege weapons

Added religiosity and legitimation

Added random religiosity events

Added negative villager events

Added fire

Added improved grass detail system

Added close eyes of villagers when sleeping

Fixed position of spade for clay workers

Fixed splatmap bug when building roads

Fixed council meeting camera bug

Fixed AIGuildhall - can be upgraded now

Fixed villager won’t go through closed gates

Fixed backup when villager hasn’t found nodes on path

Fixed work assignment for AI workers

Fixed tutorial

Fixed hide lens flare when sun is hidden by terrain

Increased resolution of minimap


Empires and Tribes 841 MB
Oct 26, 2019
Empires and Tribes Demo 856 MB
Oct 26, 2019

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