Demo Version 0.3



Added destruction and fire animations for (almost) all buildings

Added return of resources for destroyed buildings

Performance improvements: added spatial map for enabling/disabling tree colliders and rigidbodys

Physics Engine: remove unused rigidbodys

Hand animation of NPCs improved

Remove grass on streets fixed

Pathfinding System improved: added a backup function 


Added zoom function for the minimap

Improved the minimap layout: rivers and gras added

Added construction costs panel

Added function to disable auto rotation when placing new buildings

Added new building emblems in the Main HUD

Added new building and resource icons

Improved UI of the building menu

Improved UI of the storage menu, added max storage button and additional trade buttons


Empires and Tribes Demo 376 MB
Jun 07, 2018
Empires and Tribes Demo 351 MB
Jun 07, 2018

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Since i was busy lately with studies and work here is my small review after an hour of gaming.

What can i say about Version 0.3?

+ Street placement is way better now with the option to disable the automatic connection feels smoother to place them.
+ I like what you did with the building panel way better to see every available building and it looks more sorted out.
+ Nice to see how much fits in our storages not to mention that even the storage tells you how much units can be added. The Option to buy more or sell more is also welcomed. Several Icons look better too.

+Finally i am able to see how the building i destroy collapses.

- Maybe add a pop up if you are sure to destroy a building tested a bit around or add something like the construction cost panel for deconstructing, so we what we get back( Or loose villager wise, could be more interesting later if you remove bigger houses).

- Can´t demolish the guild hall :( ( Not a bug i like that you thought about that!)

Not sure if i should tell you since it helped me to build up faster, if on of your villagers harvests the deer you are harvesting you keep that harvest speed for building and mining.  Atleast it was there in version 0.2. Will recreate it later again and see if it is still peristent.

 Is it not possible anymore to drop ressources in the storages? Maybe i need to play more often again but i haven´t seen the option in all menus again.

As always keep up the good wörk!