Demo Version 0.5

Dear community,

Empires and Tribes 0.5 is online now. We've updated the whole characters and their animation sets, added two tutorials (one of them features combat in Empires and Tribes for the first time), added the council meeting as a new feature and fixed tons of bugs. 
Hope you'll enjoy it!

Your team from Empires and Tribes


Replaced villager models and animations

Replaced swordsman model and animations

Replaced pikeman model and animations

Replaced cart models

Replaced pottery model

Replaced church model

Replaced wall, tower and gate models

Added counselor characters

Added camera paths for build menu camera

Added clothes for players hands animation

Added terrain on game borders 

Changed build menu camera to 3D camera

Changed turning buildings input to Shift+Y/Shift+X


Added city council meeting

Added talk and bribe options for counselor characters

Added slash, stab and block animations

Added character controller dependent hand movement

Added ballistic calculations for moving objects

Added tutorial speaker

Added economic and combat tutorial

Added message when inventory is packed

Fixed cloud system bug

Fixed enemy unit army behavior

Fixed NoReceiver bug in time trigger

Fixed batching bug

Fixed flickering lights bug

Fixed boxing bug

Fixed random event location marker bug

Fixed tree chopping at tree stumps

Fixed building menu collision panel bug

Fixed equipment bug

Fixed show influence of communal buildings bug

Fixed not intended construction of buildings when hovering over the build menu 


Fixed bug which made it impossible to build copper armory

Fixed building houses without appropriate tools bug

Fixed stone gate building bug

Fixed fallback of terrain billboard tree shaders


Empires and Tribes Demo 848 MB
May 24, 2019
Empires and Tribes Demo 833 MB
May 24, 2019

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Glad to see you are still working on it. Will play it on the weekend and see what has changed ;)

Keep it up.

Thanks a lot!
Wish you lots of fun playing it!